Set in a fictionalized version of the 1920s where the lines between modern psychiatric treatment and pseudoscience are still muddy at best, Sanatorium is a card-based workplace adventure where you test, diagnose and treat patients. 

Your dear Auntie Patty has been admitted to a mental asylum.

As a freshly recruited doctor, without a medical license, you try your best at treating patients without being discovered as a fraud. Your ultimate goal being to bring good old Auntie Patty home safe. You will use patient files to assess symptoms and order them into a chart to form a diagnosis and recommend treatment. At the end of the day, your work will be reviewed, and you will learn if your decisions helped your patients or possibly made the matter worse. More knowledge on symptoms and treatments will be gathered gradually as you get more adjusted to your new job. The sanatorium and in turn you, will also benefit financially from long-term patients, so decide carefully whether you want to keep certain patients around a little longer or if you intend to honour the Hippocratic Oath you never took and cure every patient diligently.

You will use patient files to assess symptoms and order them into a chart to form a diagnosis and recommend treatment.


In the single player campaign, your wit and intuition will be tested. Every week, new patient files present new puzzles to be solved as you decide which tests to use to uncover symptoms and which treatments you prescribe to cure them. Decide whether you want to follow the rule book or if you hope to try out experimental new treatments with unknown outcomes. 

Buy new testing and treatment cards in the shop, but watch out for your budget. Consider keeping around some wealthy long-term patients to keep your boss and the board happy.

Uncover a dark secret behind the squeaky clean facade of Castle Woods walls. Meet helpless patients, dangerous criminals and other interesting characters, but never forget your ultimate goal, getting good old Aunty Patty home safe and sound.

Decorate your office. Buy new wallpaper and items for your office, or decorate your desk with fancy dust catchers.

Facts and Figures

  • Card-Based workplace adventure gameplay
  • Diagnose, treat and heal patients with archaic methods or choose to be gentle
  • Each patient file is a card puzzle of symptoms hidden and visible
  • Story Campaign with 4 Chapters
  • Branching Story with multiple Endings
  • Over 100 Symptom, Illnesses, and Treatment Cards
  • Upgrade and develop new cards, change treatments to be more humane


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